About PuttGate




Set-Up for a PuttGate

  1. Adjust the width of the PuttGate to determine the degree of difficulty. 8mm is PGA-tour level. Start easy, go hard! 
  2. Mark the spot where you place the ball. Use a tee to make a small hole in the green where you place the ball. Use a flixx stick if you have problem with placing the ball in the right spot. The flixx stick creates a line between the ball and the center of the PuttGate.
  3. Place the PuttGate between the hole and the ball, 50cm from the ball.
  4. Start practicing with PuttGate and see your putting improve. 


  • The new putting training aid for you who want to develop as a golfer. 
  • To be able to start the ball on a projected line is crucial for lower your putting average. With PuttGate your can now practice that ability and improve your game.
  • Improved design helps you to easy set up the PuttGate and lock it in one position.  
  • Used by professionals on high level all around the world on the PGA tour and on the European Tour on a daily basis.