Get more 1-putts by using PuttGate in your training!


The most important factors in putting, learn those factors with PuttGate

Start the ball on the line, hit the ball with right speed and train your ability to read greens.The best putters in the world manage this, they know how to start the ball in any situation, they trust their ability and reads the greens well. With PuttGate, you get accurate feedback and the opportunity to hole more putts.

Welcome to the putting aid of the future - PuttGate

Problems in Putting training:

One of the biggest problems in putting training is you rarely know why a miss happens on the green. 

  • Did I aim wrong? 
  • Did I pull / push the ball? 
  • Did the putt break more than I thought? 

 By using a PuttGate, you know all the time if you start the ball on the line you intended. The ball strikes in the post if you do not. The fact that you know you started the ball on your intended line you know also make sure you read the putt just right if it goes in the hole. And you know that your missread the putt if it misses hole. 

Why should I use PuttGate?

By using the PuttGate when you are training your putting, you can achieve the multiple objectives that lead more effective training.

  • You get instant feedback with PuttGate. Feedback is the foundation of all learning.
  • You can focus on the ball, which is the common denominator for all good putters.
  • It is one of the few ways to practice green reading in a specific manner. We know that lack of green reading is the most common reason for missed putts.
  • You are running with external focus. You are focused on the effect of your putt, instead focus on technique. It is great and decisive unlike other training aids.

As used by the Pros around the world PuttGate challenge you during your training and gives you direct feedback.  

Developed by Martin Pettersson, PuttGate is a product suited for golfers who wants to develop their game. Martin Pettersson is a PGA Proffessional with many years experiance in teaching. With a degree in Sport Psycology combined with his passion for teaching resulted in PuttGatePuttGate is the putting aid of the future.