PuttGate to practice green reading

  • Read the line of the put and place the PuttGate 50 cm in front of the ball exactly on the intended line
  • Mark where the ball will stop rolling with a small coin or marking.
  • Hit it. How accurate did you read the line?

This exercise will give you clear feedback if you read the putt in a correct way. Feedback that is hard to get without using a PuttGate


 PuttGate to start the ball on the right line. 


  • Set up the PuttGate 50 cm from the ball. Be sure to put the ball in the right spot.  Use aimsticks or a club to make sure the ball is placed correctly. Get ready to hit the ball through the gate with different speed. It is equally important to be able to start the ball on right line on the short and long putts. As a variation, you can alsotry in slopes. 
  • Start with the level you think you accomplish. Continue practicing until you can handle 8 of 10. 
  • When you are using PuttGate your aiming will improve, it's easier to aim correct when using PuttGate
  • Make the PuttGate smaller when you progress, what is your level?
  • When you are satisfied with the starting direction, add length control. Set PuttGate at 6-40mm and start the ball right and aim for a length. from 3m-22m suggested. Can you start the ball through PuttGate although at correct speed, well done!


PuttGate to practice perception 

  • Locate a  straight line of putt and put the ball 2-4 yards from the hole. Put the Puttgate in the right line toward hole about 50 cm in front of the ball. 
  • Do you perceive the intended line straight at the hole? If it is - great!. If not, that's something you need to solve. First thing I try is to move your head position, second is to change the routine. 
  • If you perceive the line correct, you have a good start. It's hard to stroke a ball correct if the perception is wrong. 
  • If you perceive the line wrong, thats something that will affect your technique negative.
  • Use a chalk-line or similar to help aim the club face. How good are you now?


Examples of exercises:

  1. Place the PuttGate on a flat surface about 50 cm from the green ball. Try hitting the ball through opening at the PuttGate. How many can you make? 
  2. Place the PuttGate on a flat surface about 50 cm from the ball. Try hitting the ball through the opening at The PuttGate, then move the PuttGate and set up a new lie for the PuttGate™ and repeat this. How many do you think you can make?
  3. Place the PuttGate on a flat surface about 50 cm from the ball. Try hitting the ball through the opening of the PuttGate, then go and hit a drive on the driving range and then back to hit the next putt through the PuttGate. How many can you make? 
  4. Place the PuttGate on a flat surface about 50 cm from the ball. Then hit the ball with a newspaper under your heels (about 2cm) and try to beat the PuttGate. Then try the same thing with a newspaper under your toes. Will it affect your ability to put the ball through the PuttGate
  5. Place the PuttGate between the ball and the hole you want to put the ball in. Be sure to place the PuttGate in the right line so you are able to hit the ball through the PuttGate while putting ball into the hole. Can you putt through the gate and into the hole? 
  6. Use the PuttGate in slope. Place the ball 50 cm away from the PuttGate. Choose the direction you want start the ball with the PuttGate. Can you make the putt? Then you read right and strike the ball in the right direction. 
  7. Use the PuttGate on a long putt. Place it in line to start the ball. Can you start through the PuttGate at the right speed, where does the ball then go?
  8. Try hitting the ball through the PuttGate with the blade rotated in the form (open or closed). Practicing the controll of the blade.
  9. Use it on the course, all putts over 3m, 50 inches away. Now you'll notice if you usually compensate for reading, and ball starting. Mentally tough exercise.